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• RC-50 Specifications & Dimensions
RC-50 Features Summary
  • R-Series Traction and Support System™ undercarriage means high traction, low ground pressure and excellent maneuverability.
  • Multi-point suspension for smooth ride and stable handling.
  • Posi-Power Control (PPC) system and a 50 hp (37.3 KW) Perkins 404C-22 engine
  • Lift height of 115"
  • Standard loader and quick-attach coupler
  • Easy service and minimal maintenance required.
  • 1,500 lb. operating capacity
RC-50: All-Surface Loader Outperforms Skid Steers

Anybody using a mid-sized skid-steer loader now has a much better alternative - the RC-50 All Surface Loader. This machine offers an amazing list of features that make an ordinary skid-steer loader look rather ordinary

RTSS Advanced Technology
As with all other ASV machinery, the RC-50 uses ASV's proprietary and unique

RC-50 model loader
rubber-tracked undercarriage system. The RTSS undercarriage on the machine utilizes 15-inch wide rubber tracks and 24-wheeled contact points. As a result,it delivers traction and stability not found in wheeled equipment, and with a ground pressure of only 2.7 lbs. per square inch.

Power To Get The Job Done
The RC-50 provides plenty of power with its Perkins 404C-22 Engine generating 50 hp (37.3 KW) and peak torque of 105 ft/lb (143 Nm). The RC-50 has an operating capacity of 1,500 lbs. and a top speed of 8 mph.  

Model RC-50 with forklift More Precise Than A Skid Steer
Compared to a skid-steer, the RC-50 offers more precise control for conventional work as well as fine grading. It provides multiple levels of suspension for greater load control and a smoother ride. The rubber track undercarriage makes this machine the ideal platform for operating industry-standard attachments like dozer blades, backhoes, augers and snow blowers. The track system also allows the RC-50 to tread over sensitive terrain without doing harm and work in wet or soft conditions where a wheeled machine cannot.
The RC-50 is also available in a Turf Edition configuration with special smooth rubber tracks.
ASV's RC-50 was awarded "Top 100 Product" of 2002
by Construction Equipment Magazine