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ASV Implements & Attachments

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ASV Implements and Attachments
Implements featured below:
backhoe brushcutter 4-in-1 bucket dozer blade snowblower sod roller installer
Because of the many types and sizes of Posi-Tool Attachments ASV offers for the R-Series Loaders, we cannot possibly list or show them all.  Please contact us at either of our locations for more information regarding available ASV implements and attachments.

6-Way Dozer Blade
The six-way dozer blade is a 7-foot (84") wide blade that offers precision control and excellent visibility. The blade mounts directly to the machine loader quick attach. Hydraulic connections for power tilt and angle are via quick disconnect fittings to the machine's low flow auxiliary hydraulics.
Control of power tilt and angle are via switches integrated in the machine's right-hand joystick.

Package includes: Six-way dozer blade with bolt-on cutting edge, mounting hardware and hydraulic hoses with quick-connect fittings.

image of dozer blade with RC-100
image of brushcutter'

Industrial Brushcutter
An industrial brushcutter, model 6470 built by Davco, is now available for the RC-100 and RC-85 All Surface Loaders.  This brushcutter is very similar to the Davco 705 industrial brushcutter used on larger ASV Posi-Track machines, yet has been designed for optimum fit, balance and performance on the RC-100 and RC-85.  The brushcutter attaches to the quick attach interface on the loader arms.

The brushcutter is driven by the machine's high flow (38 gpm) auxiliary hydraulics.  Four reversible cutting blades produce a cutting diameter of 70 inches and is capable of cutting up to 4-inch thick material.  All required hydraulic hoses and quick-connect fittings are included for fast, easy connection to the auxiliary hydraulic ports.

A Lexan Door Assembly (P/N 0402-298) is required for use with the brushcutter, as a safety precaution. The door assembly is not part of the brushcutter package and should be ordered separately, if needed.
image of ASV bucket

4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Bucket
The Multi-Purpose (4-in-1) bucket is a very versatile tool and can be used for digging, loading, dumping, and dozing applications. It can be used as a conventional front dumping bucket, or as a bottom-dump bucket to allow dumping into trucks or over walls. It can also be used as a clam to pick up and move material.  This bucket uses the low-flow auxiliary hydraulics of the machine to open and close the bucket. Connection of the Multi-Purpose bucket is quick and easy with the machine's quick attach and quick-connect hydraulic couplers.  

iamge of ASV bucket
Package Includes: Multi-Purpose bucket and all required hydraulic hoses and couplers.

image of sod roller installer

Sod Roller Installer
A hydraulically-adjustable sod roll installer is available for ASV All Surface Loaders. The R-Series machines, with 15-inch wide rubber tracks and low ground pressure are the ideal system for installing sod rolls. It's productive enough to maximize the amount of sod laid in a day, and gentle enough on the ground to prevent damage to fragile sod.

The installer accommodates sod rolls from 24-inches to 48-inches wide. A hydraulically-actuated roll clamp makes it easy for the operator to drive up to a sod roll, clamp onto it, and prepare to unroll it - all without the need for ground support. A relief valve limits the amount of clamping pressure to help prevent damage to sod rolls. An adjustable brake helps prevent unwanted rolling. One-inch bearings support the sod rolls and promotes smooth, reliable operation. Standard roll holders fit 5.5" diameter rolls. Optional 2.9" diameter roll holders are available.

The sod roll installer includes all required hydraulic hoses and quick-connect fittings. The integral mounting plate makes it quick and easy to mount directly to the quick-attach interface.
image of snowblower

2-Stage Snowblower
A two-stage, hydraulically-driven rotary snow blower is available for the RC-30 All Surface Loader. The combination of the snowblower and RC-30 with high traction and narrow width make it excellent for snow clearing and helps extend profitability throughout the winter season.

The snow blower attachment mounts via the loader quick-attach interface and uses the RC-30’s standard auxiliary hydraulics to drive a motor which drives the blower’s auger and fan. 

The blower cuts a path 48” wide and has a 17.25” tall opening. The discharge chute and spout are adjustable for direction and distance from the operator seat.


A hydraulic, quick-attach backhoe is available for ASV RC-50 All Surface Loaders.  Unlike with other quick-attach backhoes, you operate the RC-50 and the backhoe from the same position, simplifying operation and maximizing productivity.  Moving the machine is fast and easy.

The R-Series machines make an excellent platform for utility excavation, with 1,770 in² /1.14m² of ground contact area for maximum stability.  It also has exceptional control and maneuverability for precision work in tight areas.

image of ASV backhoe

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