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asv st 50 Scout rubber track utility vehicle / hauler

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The ASV™ ST-50 is a rubber tracked utility vehicle that offers exceptional versatility and mobility. It can travel over diverse terrain and the most difficult ground conditions. A large fuel capacity allows it to penetrate deeply into remote areas. The ST-50 is designed to be customized into a wide variety of configurations, making it the ideal platform for construction, landscaping, utilities and more.

  ST 50 Scout Hauler specs

ASV ST Scout

The ST-50 is the first of its kind - a utility vehicle that runs on an ASV suspended rubber track undercarriage. It has the mobility to carry personnel and equipment where many other utility vehicles cannot reach. Very low ground pressure and high flotation enables it to travel over slippery, soft or sensitive surfaces.

The ST-50 uses 24 rubber idler wheels to spread the machine’s weight over the full width and length of its rubber tracks. Suspension lets the undercarriage flex over rough or irregular surfaces to maximize ground contact. The result is exceptional traction and flotation that allows travel in wet or soft ground conditions.



With less ground pressure under its tracks than a person on foot, the ST-50 can work on lawns, landscaping and over root systems with minimal impact.

.The ST-50’s rear deck is designed to haul whatever you need, including an optional hydraulic dump box or a 4-person personnel carrier. The deck can accommodate a large amount of heavy cargo and a wide range of attachments from other manufacturers.

ASV ST 50 Scout
ASV Scout



A wide range of custom-designed attachments are available for the ST-50. Many attachments are available directly from third-party manufacturers. Consult your ASV dealer for the latest attachments .

ASV Scout hauler

The ST-50 is powered by a reliable 2.2 liter, 4-cylinder diesel engine and a time-proven hydrostatic powertrain that includes direct drive motors and unique roller sprockets. The sprockets mesh with the tracks’ built-in rubber drive lugs for smooth and responsive transfer of power to the tracks.

A large fuel tank lets the ST-50 travel long distances between refills. Operating the ST-50 is simple and comfortable from inside the protective ROPS canopy. Optional accessories include a cab, heater, windshield with wiper and a roof assembly that lets you customize the ST-50 to your climate and personal needs.

Unlike many other track-driven vehicles, the ST-50 uses a steering wheel for low-effort and precise control of machine direction. A unique Quick-Shift TM pedal gives you fast, accurate control of the forward/reverse hydrostatic drive system. Braking is hydrostatic and automatic.

When equipped with the optional auxiliary hydraulic system, the ST-50 includes a console-mounted joystick that gives you precise control of options like the dump box and snow blade. A switch also lets you select a continuous mode for full-time auxiliary power to other attachments. Quick-connect hydraulic fittings are at the front and behind the operator station for power to either frontmounted or deck-mounted attachments

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turf track
Turf Tracks

Standard tracks on the ST-50 are general purpose tracks that feature moderate treads for use in the widest range of ground
conditions and applications.

For applications that call for extreme care and protection of fragile surfaces, consider the optional smooth Turf Tracks.

For  applications where the ground is soft, wet or swampy, consider the wider Extreme Terrain Tracks with deep tread lugs for extra gripping power.

extreme terrain track
Extreme Terrain Tracks

Standard Optional

• Air cleaner, dual stage
• Alternator, 65-amp
• Battery, 770 CCA
• Brake, parking
• DC outlets (2), 12V
• Diesel engine, naturally-aspirated
• Heater, engine block
• Hitch receivers, front & rear
• Operator presence switch
• Roll Over Protection Structure
• Seat belt, 2-inch (50.8 mm) wide
• Storage compartment
• Suspended undercarriage
• Tie-down loops, front/rear
• Throttle, hand-operated
• Working lights, two front, one rear
• Warning lights:
  - coolant temp. - engine oil pressure
  - hot hyd. oil - low battery

• Auxiliary hydraulics, front and rear
• Back-up alarm
• Beacon, rotating
• Bed rails
• Brush guard, front
• Brush guards for personnel carrier
• Bumper, front
• Cab enclosure, with wiper
• Canopy and rear window
• Dump box, hydraulic
• Horn
• Headache rack
• Heater
• Personnel carrier (4-person)
• Snow blade, 4-way, hydraulic
• Tracks, Extreme Terrain (16.5 in. / 416 mm)
• Tracks, Turf (smooth tread)
• Windshield


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Operating weight: 4,562 lb. / 2069 kg. Bed capacity: 4,000 lb. / 1814 kg
Shipping weight, w/out bucket: 4,220 lb. / 1914 kg. Gross vehicle weight: 9,000 lb. / 4082 kg
Ground pressure @ operating weight 2.56 psi / 17.6 kPa Travel speed, low: 6 mph / 9.7 kph
Ground pressure @ shipping weight 2.38 psi / 16.4 kPa Travel speed, high: 11 mph / 17.7 kph
  Minimum turn radius: 64 in. / 1626 mm
Track width: 15 in. / 381 mm SERVICE REFILL CAPACITIES:
Track length, on ground: 59 in. / 1499 mm Fuel tank: 30 gal. / 113.5 L
Ground contact area: 1,770 in. 2 / 1.14 m 2 Hydraulic tank: 10 gal. / 37.9 L
  Engine coolant: 2 gal. / 7.6 L
ENGINE: Engine oil, inc. filter: 11.2 qts. / 10.6 L
Type: Perkins 404C-22, diesel, naturally-aspirated  
Displacement: 134 in. 3 / 2.2 L AUXILIARY HYDRAULICS (OPTION):
Gross power @ 2800 rpm: 50 hp / 37.3 kW Flow, maximum: 16.3 gpm / 61.7 lpm
Torque, peak: 105 ft-lb / 143 Nm Pressure: 3,000 psi / 20 670 kPa
Emission controls: meets all U.S. EPA Tier 3 standards  
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