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Yanmar Carriers

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Yanmar™ Carrier Models featured below:
C12R    C30R New Model   C50R


Yanmar carrier image

10 HP, compact vehicle with high performance
For safe operation on slopes, soft terrain and other potentially hazardous job sites, the distinctive features on the Yanmar C12R reduce risk and improve safety.

  • Use on steep slopes, sand, snow, swampy areas
  • Versatile platform vehicle accepts various attachments : boring, craning, winching, snow-making, beach cleaning, hauling pipe or tools to remote sites
  • Automatic 2-Speed Transmission for passenger car-like operation
Yanmar carrier

32.9 hp, moves 5500 pound payloads in tough conditions

  • 3 cylinder diesel engine
  • 5510 pound payload
  • Unit is easy to operate with just one hand with new single lever
  • 180° swivel seat allows operator to always face forward even when unit is moving in "reverse"
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Yanmar all terrain carrier

91 hp, Yanmar's workhorse
The  C50R-3A is a workhorse, especially under extreme conditions where ordinary trucks cannot operate

  • Slim-bodied with its unique revolving operator's seat offers versatility even when tunneling
  • High floatation capability associated with low ground pressure allows productive operation in wet muddy conditions and minimizes disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas
  • Reversible travel level and seat combination raises work efficiency on narrow job sites
  • Versatile platform vehicle for various attachments
Yanmar carrier image Yanmar carrier image


  • Machine dimensions: 8' 8" x 3' 1"
  • Overall machine length has been reduced by utilizing the space under the operator's seat to install the engine.
  • The new gate lever design has reduced the width and made the unit more compact. This level of attention to detail really stands out when working on restricted sites.
  • Tough undercarriage for extreme conditions
8 ' 8"
3' 1"
10' 6"
5' 5"
14' 11"
6' 7"
Yanmar image

dumping angle

  • Ample Dumping Angle of 65 Degrees for sure discharge
  • Loading platform swivels through 180 degrees for sideways dumping
  • Besides the standard dumping vessel, the optional 3-way dumping vessel is available on the C12R.  This enables side dumping in confined areas
  • A scoop-end vessel is also available as an option
Yanmar diagram
both C12R & C50R
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Yamnar image

foldable ROPS

  • By simple removing a pin, the strong and sturdy ROPS bar can be folded, allowing easy access to areas with height restrictions.
Yanmar image
Yanmar image
Yanmar canopy

safety features

  • Safety Lever for Travel Lock
  • Travel is locked by raising the safety lever. The machine will not move even if the travel lever is touched by mistake
  • Comfortable operation from spacious operator's area
Yanmar safety      Reversible Travel Lever & Seat Combination
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